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She is the type of girl whose heart craves for bookish dates, meeting her significant self in the library and she wants to get spoiled by books. She dreams of having a library in her house with royal ivory-coloured walls having a huge blue and white dreamcatcher which covers an entire wall, sheer-white-ruffle curtains hanging down the windowpane through which soft-breeze flows in the room, dark-coloured-wooden-bookshelves embellished with golden fairy lights while entire room being decorated with plants where she can sit  in her recliner with soft music playing in background where she can read her favourite books while sipping iced latte with three pumps of hazelnut syrup. She also wants to write her first novel during the later part of her life in that room.

Also, she is the type of girl whose soul craves to visit every Hanuman temple. She desires to have a sandalwood temple of her deity Lord Hanuman – the idol made up of white-marble adorned with pure-silk-red clothes. She fantasies going to temple dates in kurti and jeans with a little black bindi, oxidised earrings, a thin silver anklet, bangles in one hand while a watch in another, and juttis studded with little ghunghrus. She wants to spoil herself with jhumkas, anklets, exotic perfumes, flowers, bindi, bangles, chocolates, pink sauce pasta, and mushroom pizzas.

With these two girls, coexists another girl whose mind is occupied with the thoughts about her career where her everyday actions are in the direction to make her dream a reality. She aspires to be a determined – independent – accomplished – proficient – boss – lady who is at the top of her game, with her soul being the metaphor for peace, positivity, and comfort, kindness embedded in her heart, piousness shining in her eyes, serenity reflecting in her smile, wisdom radiating through her thoughts, righteousness implanted in her actions, and integrity being her identity.

Trisha Verma

Trisha Verma


10 Responses

  1. What a beautiful piece of imagination of thoughts!! So magnificent and flawless. Loved it.

  2. I am hooked with this blog, go ahead you flawless, and the last paragraph is as relatable like chorus synchronised head nods from a crowd..Any tips for aspiring writer, Mam?

  3. When I was on the line with bookcase and ivory lights i thought why aren’t any plants there. And the next line was plants!

    That is how accurate relatable and downright gorgeous this piece was. When you write that novel in the later parts of your life I would buy it from multiple bookstores, get it signed and gift it to multiple friends. And that signed copy will be a priced possession of my dark brown book shelf with books of insane variety because I also have a fluctuating personality.


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