Beta Reading

As a Beta Reader, I analyze and put forward my constructive feedback about the book. This excludes grammatical elements of writing. My Beta Report includes my opinion on aspects such as development of theme, building up of story, pace of the book and quite importantly – perspective of an enlightened avid reader.

Once I complete the reading of the manuscript, I provide an in-depth, unbiased and comprehensive report which shall include –

a. An overall impact from perspective of a reader

b. My observations on the character setting, dialogues, pace of the story and other
noteworthy / observed aspects

c. The strong points of the manuscript

d. Areas of improvements

e. Suggestions

I extend this service to authors and / or publishing houses. It is a paid service. Charges depend on the number of words in the book.

In case you have the intention of hiring my services for Beta Reading, please contact me by filling the contact form. You may also write to us at

Beta Reading does not include proof reading and editing.