Review Policy

This part covers our Book Review Policy. We fondly call ‘Book Review’ as ‘Book Fresh Look’.

We may develop and adopt new policy, modify or make additions to it as new situations emerge. Such alterations shall be made at our sole discretion and without any notice. You are, therefore, advised to regularly visit this page to keep yourself abreast of such changes. The date this policy was last updated appears at the bottom of this page.

We do not accept Book Review alias Book Fresh Look request for horror, erotica, religious books and literature that contains derogatory remarks against any religion. We prefer to refrain from reviewing autobiographies, academic books, political writings, reference books and some others. As such, we reserve our right to decline a request for Book Review.

We accept paperback, hardbound, clothbound copies. We also accept e-books for review. We would generally require two sets of books. We give special preference and priority to books that bear the dated signature of the author.  Whenever we receive books from author(s) and / or publisher(s), we mention it in our review. We review some books on our own. These could have been bought by us, borrowed from the library or an acquaintance. In such cases, we do not boast of ourselves buying the book in our reviews. 

We do not accept any monetary gratification for review of books. All the reviews done are our personal opinion and we never get influenced by the author(s) and / or publisher(s) of the book. We are committed to the principles of unbiasedness and integrity. We post our reviews on our website as well as on other social media platforms.

It is our endeavor to complete the review of the book as soon as possible. If we ever make any commitment to review within an agreed time limit, we shall strive to adhere to it. 

We may not post review of the book, if we are not comfortable posting reviews. Such a situation may arise even after accepting the request to review a book. Thus our acceptance of the request does not guarantee that review would be posted. And the person and / or the agency who had made the request would not have a right to compel us to write a review. 

We do not guarantee that our reviews would always be positive. Some reviews could be negative as well. We shall attempt to keep even our negative reviews respectful. As such, the word ‘respectful’ is subjective but we have no intention of causing harm or affront of any nature to anybody. We would like to emphasize that our review pertains to books and these should not be construed as against the author(s) and / or publisher(s).What we express is our honest and unbiased opinion.

While posting a review of the book, image of the cover of the book is included. We do mention the title of the book, name of author(s) and name of publisher(s). Date of review and name of reviewer is also included in the review. We may post similar information while publishing book summary and favourite quotes from a

We have pages on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, LinkedIn and other social media platforms. At our sole discretion, in future, we may include some more social platforms for promotion of our website, reviews, contents, and business. We may also decide to promote our work in any other manner that we may deem suitable to us.

In case you want us to review your book, please contact me by filling the contact form. You may also write to us at Such requests are accepted only from publisher(s) and / or author(s).

This policy was last updated on 23rd Feb 2022

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