Book Fresh Look

I read books on varied topics though I avoid reading horror books. I always learn something from the book I read. In a miniscule case I may come across a portion of the book which is not to my liking. I enjoy writing what I collected from the book. I believe sharing a brief of learnings from a book may open a fresh perspective to prospective readers. Thus I prefer to call it Book Fresh Look.

To many, it may appear synonymous to widely popular terminology- Book Review. But I would like to adhere to my own terminology primarily because it motivates me to remain unbiased.

In order to maintain impartiality and unbiasedness I do not accept any gratification for writing my reviews other than receipt of books. Whenever I receive books without any cost to me, I mention it in my review. Many times I buy books on my own and post my reviews. In such cases I do not mention anything about receipt of books.

An author or a publishing house, desirous of getting a book reviewed may contact me by filling the contact form. One may also write to us at

I request you to understand that it may not be possible to accept each and every request that I receive for Book Fresh Look. If I accept, it will be my endeavor to complete the task within the time frame agreed upon. I would like to state explicitly and unambiguously that I would not write about a book that I have not read in its entirety.