Every test empowers you to grow further

Life is way too unpredictable and I guess that’s the most beautiful thing about life. It tests you every moment. Every now and then you are giving tests. Fate has the power to knock you down at any second. You might be at the top of your game at the moment, very close to getting answers to the questions which bother you the most. And boom! Suddenly life changes the rules of the game and changes the questions as well. So now you need to deal with a double whammy!

At such times, you are left with only two options; either blame everything on fate or take charge of the situation to start all over again. The first option is very easy but it won’t take you anywhere in life. The second option is one of the hardest things to do in life but it makes you the master of your life. It assures you the fruit of success, prestige, happiness, and peace. After all, life is all about a second chance.

We tend to give people several chances; only to hurt us, but forget to give ourselves a second chance that can build us. We can easily trust others but when it comes to trusting our goals, dreams, and passion why do we become so reluctant? We can easily forgive others but why can’t we forgive ourselves for not meeting our own expectations?

I strongly believe the fuel of life is love. Without love, life is nothing. But why do we get so invested in loving others that we forget to love ourselves? Your life is incomplete without you and so, love is incomplete without self-love. Please start cherishing yourself to realize your worth and experience your growth.  Use your abilities, and your expertise to sharpen the weapon called confidence to win the battle called life. You are the warrior and the champion of your life.   No one ever knows the number of challenges you encountered or the number of failures you surpassed, but they remember YOUR VICTORIES! Do you too?

01 Jan 2023

Trisha Verma

Trisha Verma


6 Responses

  1. Your writings are so fantastic…. really self love is way too important in today’s scenario…well explained in your article….keep it up Trisha

  2. Your work really inspires me
    It’s great to know that your work is reaching an audience who cherishes it ….
    I can relate it with myself
    It means a lot to me ,
    I hope you’ll keep writing
    I just “NEED” more of thisss….
    Kudos ✨

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