The Third Angle – Book Review


Author : Ashwini Parmar

Genre : Fiction

Page Count : 189

Publishing House : Redgrab Books

Date of Publication : 01/03/2020

“All of us think we are different than others, we are better than others. We all want to live an extraordinary life, but in reality, only a handful of people make a real change in the world, the rest of us just live an ordinary life hoping it would become extraordinary one day.”

– Ashwini Parmar, The Third Angle.

The Third Angle by Ashwini Parmar is a beautiful one time read. It is well crafted. The factual representation of the world we live in is purely magical.

The story is mainly based on Vikram. He is rich and is the son of a very rich businesses person. He is good looking and extremely desirable. But he is a very simple human. His heart is very soft and he always see the best in people. His soulmate is Mayank, who belongs from a middle class family but is very intelligent. He is mature and understands people very well. His adversity is a highlighting factor of his personality. These two characters are very nice to read about.

There are other characters as well who are important in the plot and represent an honest reality. The subtlety with which the author has presented a beautiful book is mention worthy.

This book is very fast paced. The language is lucid and easy to read. It can be read by readers across all ages. People will find it relatable like in their own way. I will definitely recommend this book to you.


Trisha Verma

Trisha Verma

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