Everyone Has A Story – Favorite Quotes


Author : Savi Sharma

Genre : Fiction

Page Count : 184

Publishing House : Westland Books

Date of Publication : 02/08/2015

  • Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone is a writer. Some are written in books, and some are confined to hearts.
  • Time decides our fate, our journey. And when time changes, everything changes. Everything. Sometimes for worse, sometimes for better. And sometimes, for the best.
  • It’s our misconception – most of the time – that we live our lives the way we want. Every single step that we take is influenced by others. Only the part that we hide from everyone else and keep deep within our heart, is our own.
  • Your struggle, your fight, will be worth the risk in opening yourself up.
  • If emotions were colors, I know I would have witnessed a beautiful piece of artwork in a few seconds.
  •  Love is powerful. It can make you do things you could have never imagined doing otherwise.
  • We all seemed to have a deeper perspective in life, we knew what we wanted to achieve, but were we really ready for that day when the change came?
  • A great writer doesn’t just put his heart into his book but his reader’s heart too.
  • Life is too short to worry about everything!
  • Life is about twists and turns. It is about experiencing everything and anything it throws your way. Some people are here to teach us while other people will be here forever as we grow old together.
  • Time will heal your broken heart.
  • If two souls are destined to meet, the universe will always find a way to make the connection. Even when you lose all hope, certain bonds cannot be broken. They show us who we were, who we are and who we can become. Amidst everything, nature will always find a way.
  • I want to meet people who are different from me, but people with whom I can still be the same. I want to see things with new eyes and listen with new ears. I don’t want to come home whole; instead, I want to leave a piece of me in each place I have been. And thus, it would be an even exchange, as I take a piece of each place I visit.
  • Love is a peculiar thing. When you love, you have so much to be grateful for and to live for, but when you lose it, you go on with every single day as if you are just a shell. It has nothing to do with the fact that you feel anything as powerful as love any longer.
  • Love is the strangest thing. When you have love, you will be over the moon and it will seem as if nothing can stop you. Love is something that opens your eyes to new discoveries, even in old places. You want to discover the wonders of the world all over again with the person who holds your heart in their own.When you lose it, all that once seemed to make the world around you will shatter.
  • When you love someone, time is no object, but the memories are always stamped in your heart.
  • In the end, we always regret the choices we didn’t make, the love we didn’t accept and the dreams we didn’t fight for.
  • When feelings are pure and heart is true, even God is forced to change destiny.
  • Some women can steal your heart by their beauty, some can steal your mind by their intelligence and others can steal your soul by their presence. But if you meet the one who can steal your everything without doing anything, that’s the one made for you.
  • Love is a wonderful thing! It’s the beating of two hearts as they play the same song.
  • Life should go on. We lost, we mourned, but as long as we lived, we could love again.
  • Do you know the worst thing a man can do to a woman? It is making her fall in love with you when you have no intentions of loving her back.
  • I wasn’t cursed, but given another opportunity to love.
  • It’s not a story and maybe it’s not love. It’s about something more real than stories and more powerful than love.
  • Fate had drawn my story out of me.
  • I smiled as I looked into his eyes. I loved the universe within them, the one that made me not only discover myself and my story, but also made me realize that shared happiness was the best type of dream come true.
  • Every single day, another page is added and as one chapter finishes, another one starts.
  • Remember, everyone has a story. It might or might not be a love story. It could be a story of dreams, friendship, hope, survival or even death. And every story is worth telling. But more than that, it’s worth living.
  • Embrace every day, even the rough ones. Each day is your own page, and you have the power to write the words on those pages. Be courageous, and be strong, but don’t forget it is okay to be weak at times too.
  • Love hard and forgive mistakes. Not only other people’s mistakes, but your own as well.


Trisha Verma

Trisha Verma

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