Everyone Has A Story – Book Review


Author : Savi Sharma

Genre : Fiction

Page Count : 184

Publishing House : Westland Books

Date of Publication : 02/08/2015

‘Everyone Has A Story’ is the debut novel of Savi Sharma. This book was first self-published by her and soon after she was offered a deal by Westland. Everyone Has A Story soon became the talk of the town and so did Savi. The book broke many records and Savi is celebrated as India’s best-selling female author. She was even credited with being India’s first successful self published author.

The book is about a young HR manager Meera, who wants to become a writer and is in search of her story. During the search, she came across Vivaan, a successful banker who wanted to travel the world. They used to meet in a cafe managed by Kabir who always encourages Meera to write and pursue her dream of becoming a writer. Kabir’s crush and then his wife Nisha too plays a small yet significant role in this story. The story revolves around the idea of love, hope, dream, friendship, and second chances.

As a reader, I enjoyed and totally loved the author’s description of love and friendship. Simple and subtle writing which is very easy to understand. A very light read. The quotes written in the book are very inspiring and thought provoking.

Though the plot and story line is very obvious and quite predictable, it is the writing style of the author, the vivid descriptions, and the realness in the story which kept me hooked till the end. To be very honest, quotes of the book outshine the storyline. The quotes confirm that Savi is indeed a promising writer but the storyline definitely doesn’t depict her full potential.

The book does not have a prominent storyline with various plot twists and emotional triggers. But if you are looking for a light read, this book would be a good choice.


Trisha Verma

Trisha Verma

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