Everyone Has A Story 2 – Favorite Quotes


Author : Savi Sharma

Genre : Fiction

Page Count : 240

Publishing House : Westland Books

Date of Publication : 20/08/2018

  • Hope finds its way into the darkest rooms, sneaking its fingers around any blockades. No matter what is going on in your life, hope is an instant factor. Persistent and tenacious, it lifts people up and gives them a reason to dream.
  • Conflict is put on your path to determine how far you will go to succeed. People need to be tested to see how willing they are to fight.
  • Life is not about being happy all the time. Things happen. People get sick; couples grow apart and break up. For those who think a happy ending is the end, think again. There is always another page, another chapter. That happy ending is only a happy pause in life.
  • Sometimes, we move through life, seemingly unaware of what is going around us. We go to work, we come home, we make a meal. We are living, but we are not absorbing life. While these things are important, they are only one layer. Sort of like a sketch before it becomes a beautiful painting in the yellows of laughter, the blues of bird songs we hear, the reds of the sadness that pulls us down at times. And the purples as we spring back up, pushing past the darkness and striding with the purpose towards the good time.
  • We shouldn’t sit idle and let life happen. We need to make it happen!
  • Yes, life is all about inspiration, but it’s also about struggle. After all, you cannot appreciate the sweet nectar of life without a little vinegar of challenges.
  • I found that even the brightest colors are tinted with a tendril of confusion.
  • The human body is an amazing thing, that it can take so much trauma and keep going.
  • There is one part of the night that is the coldest and the darkest: before dawn breaks. Just when we might give up on seeing the light again, the sun breaks over the horizon.
  • Dreams yield hope. Without those dreams, you have nothing. You may try to avoid your destiny, but it is waiting for you, no matter the path you take. It will find you.
  • Life can hand us garbage, but we need to fertilise our hopes and dreams once more.
  • Wounds can be covered up with scars but some open up the moment they are touched with the wrong words.
  • What good was love when it ripped you through and poured tears into your heart?
  • We think it is okay to be angry at another person, but that hatred is an acid, eroding at our very soul.
  • The handbook of mortality is not about how to die. It is about how to live.
  • You can’t triumph over someone who refuses to lose.
  •  Even challenges, thought to be positive, could turn negative if people don’t respect and take the time to care for people around them while following their dreams.



Trisha Verma

Trisha Verma

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