Everyone Has A Story 2 – Book Summary


Author : Savi Sharma

Genre : Fiction

Page Count : 240

Publishing House : Westland Books

Date of Publication : 20/08/2018

This book is the sequel to the debut novel of Savi Sharma, ‘Everyone has a Story.’ The story laces around five characters; Meera, Vivaan, Kabir, Nisha, and Fate. Savi has personified fate in this book. Indeed it has added spice to the story.

The story in this book begins after a span of three years from its prequel. During these three years, Meera published two books, both topping the bestselling charts in no time, and is currently working on her third novel. Vivaan had left his job at Citibank and is now living his dream of traveling. KafeKabir is doing wonders too. Kabir and Nisha are now parents to a daughter Jianna. Nisha is busy looking after Jianna and is simultaneously helping Kabir to run KafeKabir.

After Vivaan left his job, he started to explore India first so that he could spend more time with his girlfriend Meera. During this, he realized that people are so obsessed with foreign countries that they look down on their motherland, its rich culture and heritage, its beauty, and what values it has to offer. With the aim to connect Indians with India again and make them realize the worth of it, Vivaan decided to start a tour company ‘Musafir’.

When Vivaan went to Banglore to meet the possible investors; Meera too went to Delhi for the authors’ meet. In the meantime, KafeKabir caught fire due to an electrical spark, and Kabir got burned severely. Somehow Kabir survived, but it made Nisha and Kabir broke. At the same time, all investors refused to invest in Musafir.

Later; Vivaan with his and Meera’s savings started Musafir on a much lower scale. But since fate had its other plans, Vivaan got falsely accused in a drug case and Musafir came to a halt. Meera’s publishers too turned their back on her as her name was also involved with Musafir; making the condition even worse for all four of them.

The situation became even more miserable because all their savings were gone and there was no source of earnings for them. Then Nisha decided to take all of them on a holiday with a bit of saving she had   because she strongly believed that sometimes it is a break which we all need in our life. They all were hosted by Nisha’s dear friend in Goa. There Vivaan met Parth, the guy who he inspired to follow his passion in Banglore. Parth offered the post of CFO to Vivaan in his start-up.

Soon, the fate which once had knocked all of them down in life gets knocked down by their friendship, trust, and hard work. Kabir also started coffee stalls and rebuilt KafeKabir with the profit collected. Meeraself-published her third book and it yet again climbed up the bestsellers chart in a short span of one week. Vivaan was found innocent in that drug case and re-started Musafir. Vivaan andMeera are about to get married.


Trisha Verma

Trisha Verma

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